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Default Jet 1442 Problem

"Joe" wrote in message
I have the above woodturning lathe and it's been acting strangely all of a
sudden. The complete sequence of events.

- Lathe runs fine in the garage/shop, although not much time put on it.
(bought it new)
- All of a sudden, every time I try to turn it on, it trips the GFI it's
plugged into
- I use an extension cord to plug it into a non-gfi, and it works fine,
for a (very) little while
- Now, when i turn it on, (it's a capacitor start/capacitor run motor), it
doesn't kick over from the start capacitor to the run capacitor which is
usually accompanied by a definite "click" and a smoother run after it
kicks over.


Is this what happens when a capacitor (the start) goes bad? Or is there
something in the kickover that can/has gone bad?
The motor has very little run time, this seems very odd to have happened
would the bad/going bad capacitor cause the gfi to trip every time?

Any help would be appreciated.


Capacitor start motors are notorious for tripping GFI receptacles. GFI
receptacles are typically designated for use with portable hand held tools,
which a lathe is not. It sounds like your motor incorporates a centrifigal
switch which is not opening because it is worn out or fused together, or
full of crud.