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Default Jet 1442 Problem

I have the above woodturning lathe and it's been acting strangely all of a
sudden. The complete sequence of events.

- Lathe runs fine in the garage/shop, although not much time put on it.
(bought it new)
- All of a sudden, every time I try to turn it on, it trips the GFI it's
plugged into
- I use an extension cord to plug it into a non-gfi, and it works fine, for
a (very) little while
- Now, when i turn it on, (it's a capacitor start/capacitor run motor), it
doesn't kick over from the start capacitor to the run capacitor which is
usually accompanied by a definite "click" and a smoother run after it kicks


Is this what happens when a capacitor (the start) goes bad? Or is there
something in the kickover that can/has gone bad?
The motor has very little run time, this seems very odd to have happened
would the bad/going bad capacitor cause the gfi to trip every time?

Any help would be appreciated.