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I have an aquadial prismertec 1000i water softener. It was blocking flow intermittently so I called the agent in to have a look. He said the resin bed had collapsed and I would need a new machine, he left the machine bypassed and switched the controller off. I can't afford a new machine at present so I took the wheel off and fiddled with the flap valves and hey presto it started working again. Unfortunately the controller settings were all reset to the "default" settings, which were clearly wrong and the water not really soft. I checked up on the internet and found out the controller is the same as the Technetics 1100 plus, and got some settings there. Only problem is that the second level parameter settings are for machines which are obviously much bigger than the aquadial prismertec, the tables given do not have them. The agents can't seem to tell me what the settings should be for P5-p20 parameters. Can anyone help? The manual can be found on Any help much appreciated. At present salt levels going down very slowly indeed.
OK, no-one replied, so I went ahead with the following settings, which seem to be the closest available to those recommended, and have resulted in a hardness level of less than 1 degree of German hardness, silky soft water, salt is going down but very slowly.

PARAMETERS from front panel
Salt per regen 0.6kg
Capacity 0.32 cu ft (= 9 litres which is the volume of resin)

P6 (refill) 14
P7 (brine draw) 9
P10 (slow rinse) 67

Nothing worked properly until I set P17 to 1.....the second level parameters can be entered by pressing up and down arrows together for 3 secs. All others just check they are the same as the defaults in the manual.

Two other things I did may be worth mentioning - I put in a cup of bleach into the empty salt container and did two regens back to back. I found this tip in the manual, it clears out any organic matter that may be hanging around. Then I put a sachet of Tesco descaler in the salt container with a litre of water and ran a couple of regens. The little glass visual thing instead of being yellow-green as before is now crystal clear and everything seems to be working perfectly, of course you have to refill the salt container first!!

Not bad for a machine which 3 weeks ago was deemed by the agents to be defunct and in need of a (expensive) replacement!