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Default Do I want a trailer jack for my little trailer

On 9 Jan 2007 17:16:47 -0800, "Lawrence"

mm wrote:
On Tue, 09 Jan 2007 00:59:52 GMT, "Pete C."

Lawrence wrote:
I think not. My trailer which is much larger has had two different
trailer jacks both of which I have managed to wreck don't ask me how.

My trailer has a typical loaded tongue weight of about 960# and the jack
on it does just fine. Not sure how you killed yours.

He was probably using it in a gang fight.

At any rate, I'll bet it wasn't being used as desgined.

Haha, those jacks had wheels on the bottom which many do. I think I
bagged mine by trying to drag a loaded trailer across rough ground. Or

That's what I would tell the police too.

possibly I took off with the jack in the down position, ouch. If your
jack has a wheel like that then you will want to use it only on
pavement and then as little as possible. Make sure to put the jack up
before blasting off and learn from my drunken mistakes.

Now i just put a jack in the truck in case of need. Usually I use one
of those Hi-lift style jacks but lately been using my floor jack since
I can't find the other. A floor jack is a better solution than an
attached jack, or even a hi-lift, since it has four wheels, is
extremely rugged and takes up very little space in the truck. Besides,
it doubles for vehicle repair.

So, you never know when you might want to change your oil, rotate your
tires, or grease your bearings so buy a floor jack like I did and get
it over with. Mine has lasted about 20 years at least.

They were selling one cheap so I bought one. Didn't use it much for
the first 10 years, but used it the last couple years to change a
motor mount, to change a tie rod end, three times to jack up the
sagging deck to put longer 4x4's under it, and most interesting, to
hold the insinkerator up while I guided it to its mounting and twisted
it on. Front wheels of the jack in the cabinet, and rear wheels held
up by phone books or something.