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Default Do I want a trailer jack for my little trailer

On Tue, 09 Jan 2007 12:58:14 -0500, Goedjn wrote:

Should I buy a spare wheel, tire, and spare tire carrier, for a total
of 40 dollars? I'm not made of money.

Why the hell don't you just rent the trailer, one way?

IIRC, I checked and they don't rent little trailers one-way. I can't
tow a big one. They don't rent any open trailers one way.

Smallest U-haul Trailer:
4' x 6' Open Trailer
Lightweight and easy to tow. Reserve now

This trailer is available for local rental only it must be returned
to the location it was rented from. !!!

* Max load: 790 lbs.
* Gross vehicle weight: 1,500 lbs. max
* Empty weight: 710 lbs.

==710 pounds is too heavy for my car, a LeBaron which like most
non-SUV's, has no frame.

Your towing vehicle:

* Must be equipped with a hard top if it is an SUV. U-Haul does
not allow any type of sport-utility vehicle not equipped with a hard
top to tow U-Haul equipment.
* Must have Class 1 tow hitch (1,500 lbs. minimum weight-carrying

== I left out requirements that I do meet, but I don't and can't meet

This was the open trailer with 14? inch walls. The closed trailer
only weights 70 pounds mo
* Volume: up to 142 cu. ft.
* Max load: 1,220 lbs.
* Empty weight: 780 lbs.

Or if you're only moving 100 pounds of dresser, buy a
roofrack for $40?

It's a convertible, and the trip is scheduled so I can keep the top

If I had a hardtop, I might put a dresser on the top for 10 or 20
miles, but I would have qualms about 1200 miles. I guess I should
concern myself more with the wind even with a trailer. I don't want
the dresser blowing off the trailer.

Maybe if not a nice shroud, I should just use a 4'x4' sheet of plywood
at an angle, resting on the dresser in the back and the trailer in the
front. Is that a good idea?

And why, even if you insist on buying
a trailer, are you buying a NEW one?

I looked on Craig's list for Dallas and they had lots of trailers, but
all were bigger than my LeBaron can tow. Even if there were, it would
be hard to tell the condition from far away. I could go to Dallas and
do this, but there might be none then, or I'll spend time running
around the city looking at junk trailers, and then I'll have to buy
one in Fort Worth when it isn't even 40 dollars off like this is now.
And which might be out of stock.

I also looked at where it has a folding trailer that
looks much like this and it says carries 970 pounds instead of 980,
and it's the same price, but the catch is that it doesn't include
wheels. The catalog said wheels were on pages 271 to 272, but
surprise, none were the right ones. But online they did have wheels
but it looked like they were 50 or 100 each, raising the price 100 or

So I have looked into many possibilities.