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Default Do I want a trailer jack for my little trailer

On 8 Jan 2007 14:01:56 -0800, "DerbyDad03"

BTW I built a nice set of walls for my trailer from 1 x 6 douglas fir.
I've seen cheap, fast plywood walls, but my walls made an inexpensive
trailer look pretty nice. I got it on sale for under $200, put about
$50 into the walls and sold it for $200 4 years later.

Cool. I don't want my dresser falling off at 65 mph**, but I think
I'll use rope. My brother's isn't the best place to make walls.
**Most of the way on small roads at 40 to 50.

It has short legs at the bottom, and a top that overhangs the rest of
it, so I'll be able to get the rope on ok, even on top of the
waterproof wrapping. Unless I crash the car, in which case the
dresser, as much as I like it, will be less important to me than my
own bones.

P.S. Never had a spare, never had flat.

OK. No spare for me.