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Default Telephone Line Fault?

"Bob Eager" wrote in message
On Wed, 11 Oct 2006 19:50:14 UTC, "Andy"

Before I contact BT I thought I'd ask if anyone has a similar problem to
I have have had problems getting onto the internet before and only
removing and replacing of the RJ45 connector from the modem could get it

However, someone told me the other day my number was giving out a 1575
message, when they should have got through. Also the dial tone is now a
high-low tone, that's if there is one at all, when it stops working I get
just hiss and crackle and replacing the receiver umpteen times doesn't
back the tone.

I've disconnected everything but a single phone from the network, and
the weird tone. Any ideas, if not it's time to call BT I think.

You should disconnect the extension wiring, to eliminate that.

Assuming you have the 'split' master socket, like this:

(BT NTE5 socket, second down on the left)....

Remove the lower part of the front by undoing the two screws and pulling
it straight forward (it has to unplug from the rest of the socket). This
will reveal the socket into which it fitted, which is actually a
standard phone socket. The extension wiring is attached to the removable
plate, so it's now all dosconnected. Try your phone in the newly exposed
socket..if it still fails, it's definitely a BT problem. Otherwise it's

Cheers Bob,

I have two extensions running off my master socket, but they're not
hardwired into it, I have a 1-to-3 way splitter plugged into it ( only two
ways used ). So, that means I already have disconnected the extension cables
already, as you suggested. However, you have reminded me that I haven't
removed the 1-to-3 way splitter so I'll remove that and plug a 'phone
straight into the master socket,