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Default Montana senate race (and political common sense)

Jon Tester "Runs" for Montana's US Senate Seat

Cartoon and a comment:

Politics and Common Sense (is it possible for these two to meet?)

As a rule, politics (especially party politics) are not really my thing.

I do vote. And I always have my opinion. And I often vote Republican,
especially for President. But I don't think that the United States is
necessarily safer or better off with Republicans in office all the time. I
believe we need the opposing pull, the varying interests, and the input of
both major parties, as well as the voices of independents and other, smaller

That's my idea of democracy. We need the people to be directly involved in
deciding issue, settling party disputes, and choosing the course of our
nation. We need strong businesses and we also must help, and sometimes take
care of the people who are unable to face life on their own. That's why
I've not only voted for Democrats, from time to time, but I've actually hit
the streets in door-to-door campaigning for local (and sometimes very
liberal) Democrats.

People matter. Truth matters. The future we build today matters. America
needs to charge forward with all her might and leave no one behind. We do
this first as individuals and families and communities, then we do it as
states and regions, and finally as a nation. It never works the other way
around, from the top down. A society is never more than the people who make
it up.

I say all that to say this: The above mentioned cartoon (at is
not inspired by politics, per se, so much as by dumbness. While I may not
like some of the things Conrad Burns does or says, I don't think Tester is
any kind of answer. When you set about to replace a senior senator, you
need someone who at least knows what's going on, and how to address the
issues. You need someone with at least enough savvy to pull up his pants
and tuck his shirt (and gut) into his pants for TV ads. Basic common sense
is already lacking too much in politics. Why add more foolishness to the