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Owain wrote:
Staffbull wrote:
On a similar note, I live next door to what can only be described as
"Mr Trebus no2" very overgrown garden strewn with rubbish, and the
house is in a state of disrepair. I might sound a bit snobbish but it
looks very bad next to our house (semi)
I have heard in the dim and distant past that there is such a thing as
a local council order to keep houses in a certain state of repair,
anyone know of it?

If the property is dilapidated to the point of uninhabitability or
structural instability they can serve a compulsory repair notice.

No point in talking to the guy, as the wheel is turning but the
hamster is long dead!! and he is usually ****ed out of his mind half
the time.

Social work? ASBO? Petrol bomb?

Window pane blew out four months ago and he got round to
replacing it last week!! Lucky I'm not thinking of selling as it would
probably knock a few thou off.

You /might/ have a claim against him for the reduction in value to your
property, especially if he's the other half of your semi.


I dont think its structuraly unsafe, there are a fair few slates
missing off the roof which in my opinion need repacing or damage could
be done to the timbers, knowing my luck he'll get a full re roofing
grant and I've been chasing one for five years, F'ing Anglesey council
!! corruption abounds