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Wild Bill
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Default mini timesaver sander?

I worked on a machine years ago that was referred to as a graining machine,
which was similar to what you described. It was used to put a directional
finish on metal machine parts.
It was fairly large, and a padded paddle was used to press and hold the belt
down on the workpiece, in a fashion similar to ironing clothes.

The table was on bearings and as the belt traveled over the workpiece, the
table could also be moved perpendicular to the belt travel.

It did a great job of providing very nice finishes on large parts.


"Brian Lawson" wrote in message
Hey Mike,

Sorry, but I don't know what a "timesaver sander" is. Is it what I
might call a stroke-sander, where you lay the work on a flat surface,
bring an open pulley sanding belt down to just above it, then do the
sanding by applying pressure to the belt onto the portion of the work
you want sanded?

Take care.

Happy New Year.

Brian Lawson,
Bothwell, Ontario.