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Brian Lawson
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Default mini timesaver sander?

Hey Mike,

Sorry, but I don't know what a "timesaver sander" is. Is it what I
might call a stroke-sander, where you lay the work on a flat surface,
bring an open pulley sanding belt down to just above it, then do the
sanding by applying pressure to the belt onto the portion of the work
you want sanded?

Take care.

Happy New Year.

Brian Lawson,
Bothwell, Ontario.
large On 2 Jan 2004 05:30:15 -0800, (mike)

I have a new machine shop doing small amounts of sheet metal work.
After cutting out the 1/8" aluminum parts I need the surfaces to go
through a timesaver sander. However, I can't afford this machine
right now so I am looking for a smaller version of this machine. Is
there any machine out there that works just like a timesaver, but has
only a 10 to 12 inch belt sander? I would love to fine a sander that
is similar to the benchtop planars that you can find at Home Depot.
Any help is appreciated.