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Eric R Snow
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Default mini timesaver sander?

On 2 Jan 2004 05:30:15 -0800, (mike) wrote:

I have a new machine shop doing small amounts of sheet metal work.
After cutting out the 1/8" aluminum parts I need the surfaces to go
through a timesaver sander. However, I can't afford this machine
right now so I am looking for a smaller version of this machine. Is
there any machine out there that works just like a timesaver, but has
only a 10 to 12 inch belt sander? I would love to fine a sander that
is similar to the benchtop planars that you can find at Home Depot.
Any help is appreciated.


Look at wood working machine sellers. They sell a sander that would
work. Grizzly sells one, a 16" drum sander, for $750.00. Just do a
google search for drum sander or thickness sander. There are also
plans on the web for a home made thickness sander.
Eric R Snow