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Default Question regarding huge linear slide assembly - possibly for sale?

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I have a huge linear slide assembly that I recovered several years ago
from some industrial equipment. Here's a link to a pictu

I had plans to make a wood lathe using this as the bed and fabricate
my own headstock. I was going to use the travelling platform as a
toolrest that I could position precisely... possibly for spiral
turnings and similar. Unfortunately, a new job and the time required
means that I simply do not get much time to spend out in my shop
anymore. I am under a threat from the missus to clean some stuff out,
and this seems like a good place to start.

In any case, this is a huge assembly for a linear slide. Here are
some specs:

Rail length, 41"
Rail diameter, 1.5" hard chromed
Lead screw, 1" x 4 turns
Platform, 9" wide by 7" deep
Rail distance, 5.5" center-to-center
Base, 8" inverted channel iron
Overall base length, 56"
Coating, industrial green enamel, no rust

In fact, I placed a drill in the picture linked above simply to give a
sense of scale on just how large this assembly is.

The question I have is this - is it worth selling on EBay? The
strange part is, it is so heavy and large that I can see no other way
to ship it other than on a pallet or in a crate. It certainly won't
go via UPS unless I dissasemble it, and I am hesitant to do so unless
absolutely necessary.

The rec.crafts.metalworking community has been good to me in the past
with advice and helpful suggestions. Will this sell at a price that
would be worthwhile? Will the shipping hassle be too much trouble?
If so, what are some alternative sugegestions for using this beast?

I appreciate any response and suggestions that you guys might be able
to give.


Just a thought; you might give us an idea of your location and how much you
are looking to sell it for. That way someone here might have a shot at it.