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Christian McArdle
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Default Is it a radial or ring circuit?

Certainly seems reasonable to me too, especially with halfway decent
labelling - "immersion + CH controls/pump".

Mine's labelled both "Water Heater" and "Central Heating". The stickers came
with the consumer unit. Strangely, there was no pre-printed label for a
kitchen ring main (just upstairs and downstairs). And there was definitely
not one for my kitchen appliance radial circuit, or the outside electrics.
Looks like I need to find a bic.

All I meant to point out in the original context was that there
might be unrelated and mildly surprising appliances/sockets sharing
one MCB in any installation

Yeah. It shouldn't share with a socket circuit as this is confusing and
leads to diversity issues. But I see no problem with an immersion on a
radial shared with other related fixed appliances.

I might see how you could share with a single/double socket, provided that
you applied no diversity. (i.e. 32A MCB to 13A FCU immersion, 13A double
socket and 3A FCU central heating). However, I don't know if this is allowed
and I wouldn't do it myself. I suppose it would allow you to use power tools
safely if it was installed in an otherwise electric free environment, such
as a loft. It would also look less confusing if all the supplied equipment
(including the socket) was in one place and correctly labelled.