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Default Is it a radial or ring circuit?

Hi all,

Firstly, please forgive me if this post is not very clear as it is my
first time!

The scenario:
I am planning to add a spur to my kitchen circuit so I can have access
to power outdoors. I have identified all the sockets that are on the
circuit I want to add my outdoor spur. I have checked the sockets at
the end of the circuit to determine whether the circuit was a radial
or ring.

My problem is that I found two sockets with only one set of wires, all
the others had 2 sets. I thought this would be classed as a radial
circuit but then discovered that the MCB on the consumer unit (rated
20 amps) had two wires connected to it.

Does this sound like a radial circuit to you or should I buy a
continuity tester to be 100% sure (if so any recommendations?)

Many thanks,