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Default Small hammers?

I inherited one with a smaller head and thinner handle; it has no name
on it, but was sold as a woman's hammer. I guess it would be
politically incorrect to call it that today.

You could look at to see what they have, but there are some
things, like hammers and shoes, that I would want to try on before buying.

Mike S. wrote:

Are there (claw) hammers that are specially designed for people with
small hands? I've been using my uncles hammers and they are way too big
for me to work with. I can barely wrap my hands around the grip or even
in the middle of the hammer and they feel like they weigh a ton when
I'm trying to hammer nails. I feel like if I had a smaller hammer that
actually fit my hand and weighed 16 oz (or less) instead of 22 oz then
maybe it would make things easier. But I can't seem to find any small
hammers anywhere. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong stores or something.

Do smaller sized hammers exist? Am I going to have to look somewhere
special for them?