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Jack Erbes
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Default Info on how to make a chipper knife

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 23:37:36 GMT, (Roy) wrote:

Being that one of my knives on my chipper broke and I am a cheap son
of a bi%#@ i need to make one. Its approximately 1.25" x 3.75" x .250"
thick, with two 5/16" countersunk holes in it and a bevel of 37 deg
ground on one long edge.

For the time being I used a old but unused heavy duty mower blade
which was as hard as a leaf spring is, and cut it to size and have
been using it, but it does not quite hold up as good as the original
blades did, but its still useable.

The original is supposedly hardened to 58 rc. So what materials would
you recomend making this blade out of.? I don't really have a temp
controlled furnace, but I maya be able to acccess one, unless I can
get by on heating with a torch or in my crucible furnace.

Any info appreciated.

I'd try some 1/4 x 1-1/4" W-1 or O-1 flat bar (from MSC or Enco?).
Cut it to length, mill the bevel, drill and countersink the holes.
You should be able to harden those with an O/A torch.

That should get you a blade that is RC 63 (O-1) to 66 (W-1) or so, a
one, hour 500 degree temper should drop that to RC 58 or so. If you
only have a home oven, an hour at 400 will get it down to RC 61-62 or
so and that may work okay for a wood chipper.

You can get 9 blades our of a 36" piece of O-1 or W-1 which I would
guess at around $60 or so. Your time does not count when you're
working for yourself right? :)

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