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Default KBC advertises 00005 (5 hun-th) caliper

"rashid111" wrote in message
are they for real ?

$89 gets u a set with that, plus base, arms and 1" dial digital
Right on their home page ...

There's probably 2 shops in the whole nation that can hold these types
of tolerances, but still I am sure many of us wouldn't mind having 5
of resolution.

That they can resolve to .00005" through circuitry in no way means that they
will be capable of making measurements to the same degree of resolution.
My personal opinion is that they would be worthless for that purpose.
Calipers are prone to considerable error----often not able to resolve to a
thou, regardless of the capabilities of the electronics. There's too much
mechanical error in them----including variations from inside/outside jaws,
and springing of the jaws.

Holding tight tolerance isn't beyond the capability of many shops. I've
worked as closely as .000020", but I had the luxury of a certified
secondary standards lab at my disposal to do the measuring. It's almost
impossible for the normal shop to measure that close. I drew the line
at .0001" tolerance when I ran my commercial shop. Anything closer than
that was no-bid, citing my lack of ability to measure reliably.