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Default Problem with Bridgeport backgear

On 6 Mar 2006 07:20:50 -0800, wrote:

Not really sure what model the mill is but from what I've read it is a
2J head.
The problem is the backgear won't engage. The mill seems to run fine in
high but won't switch back to neutral or low. I know I'll probably have
to disassemble to top part of the machine to find out why but I wanted
to ask if anyone has any info on this problem or advice for what parts
I need to remove to gain access to the backgear.



Are you sure the release at the top of the head is working? They do
wear and the release lever will not drop the transfer gear down.

This is something you are likely going to have to disassemble the head
to find out. Should take you about an hour or so.


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