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Default Failure to get sharp

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003 09:21:59 -0700, "Bill Marrs"

I don't see any mention in your process of quenching after drawing the
temper in the toaster oven.

Ummm. I was supposed to quench it in water again after annealing
rather than letting it cool in air like I did?

Are you sure a toaster oven will get hot enough to draw W-1?? I thought the
correct temp was on the 475-525 range to achieve Rc 60 or so?

The annealing temp looks about right. I was planning on 500. The
only reason I was going to use a toaster oven is that I saw it used in
this fashion on another web page - Alden Hackman's Hurdy Gurdy
building web site.

I have an oven thermometer on my shopping list. I won't have any
time to play in the shop again till next weekend though.

This afternoon I got an inspiration. I grabbed my Lee lead melting
furnace and lead thermometer. I managed to get the lead down to about
550 at which point it solidified. I set one of the blanks on the hot
solidified lead and watched it change colors. I drew it to dark straw
and then quenched in water - not because I knew to quench it again - I
just assumed it wouldn't hurt anything. The color change occurred
over several minutes - probably 15 or so. I was able to get the edge
a little bit sharper, but not like the commercial one.


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