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Joseph Connors
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Default 4" vs 6" ducting for effective dust collecting


I hear what you're saying. I understand though from Bill's site that
some studies have indicated that the typical hobbiest woodworker has
more exposure than large industrial settings because the size of the
particles involved are smaller in a hobby situation than in an
industrial one. With the large industrial settings the bag house is
located outside and therefore no threat to air quality at all, whereas
in a small shop the air is recirculated.

Chris Friesen wrote:
Joseph Connors wrote:

Scott Lurndal wrote:

Joseph Connors writes:

4" pipe CAN work for some machines with a large enough blower. It
depends on a lot of factors. Its just for most machines and blowers,
the 6" pipe is required.

In an industrial setting, perhaps. For a home shop?

Where the shop is physically located is irelevent. The
pipe/blower/filtration combination is what matters.

You may wish to also consider the *amount* of exposure. Most hobbyists
do not spend 7-8hrs a day in the shop. Many professionals could.

In a case like this, the hobbyist may realistically decide that a 4"
system is better than nothing, but that the 6" system isn't worth the

Personally, I do software for a living. I am *far* more picky about the
quality of my monitor/chair/desk than most people, because I spend so
much time there.

On the other hand, my current dust collection strategy is a shopvac and
a face mask because I might spend an hour a week actually making dust.


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