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Default Brown's gas??

-There's some babble about a "cool flame". This is simply ridiculous.

The idea that it "radiates at 129C" is particularly silly. It's a
hydrogen-oxygen flame - they're hot, that's how they work. It's not
magic though, nor are normal rules of physics or chemistry suspended for
this magic gimmick.

Actually, he makes a big deal out of the fact that a small torch tip
used for a brief time doesn't heat appreciably. It's true, but it's
equally true for any oxy-fuel system. When I first went to a jewelry
class, it amazed me that the instructors would change tips on their
Meco midgets with bare fingers, only moments after using the torch.
Then I realized that most of the heat flows away in the flame, away
from the tip, and the copper tips and tip tubes quickly distribute what
little is left. The only time I even bother to check if the tip is
still hot is after an extended use, or after using it to melt metal,
when it heats up by absorbing radiation from the melt itself. Usually,
I just twist off the tip and change it as needed. Haven't been burned
THAT way yet!