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John Flanagan
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Default Cheap import tools and product liability

On 19 Jul 2003 20:00:40 -0700, (Tim Shoppa)

Ian Stirling wrote in message ...
Double insulated tools don't need a third wire, even on 240V.
The only possible problem (if it was double insulated) would be if there
is a code problem with connecting a 3 pin plug to a 2 wire cord.

Three-prong plugs are far less likely to "fall out" or get bent if
stressed. The flat shape of the North American 15A live/neutral prongs
is a big mistake, I notice that most overseas plugs use no flat prongs
at all, an obvious improvement over the US design. In any event,
the poor design of the US 2-prong plug is supplemented
by a nice sturdy circular ground prong in the 3-prong version.

I do not like seeing any part of a live prong exposed under any circumstances,
but with US two-prong plugs a slight sideways pull will leave some of
the prong clearly visible. This doesn't happen nearly so readily with
a three-prong plug, and I believe that's a safety advantage even if the
ground isn't used.

America Basher :^)!! I would agree, but then again the US doesn't use
240VAC for your kids to play with :^). So the best thing, IMO, would
be a better designed plug using only 120VAC. I can't tell you how
many times I've shocked myself with 120, hurts a little but no damage.
I imagine 240 has a bit more of a kick.


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