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John Thomas
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Default Low cost readout for digital caliper

"eganders" wrote in

I am looking for a LOW COST remote readout (single, not 3 axis) that
can be used with the low cost calipers such as Harbor Freight sells
for $15.99. Don't kid youself if you have not looked at these, they
are a terrific deal! Accurate, precise and well made. They even have
a communication port.

Yeah, those are great calipers for the price; I bought one for SWMBO for
last Christmas, I think. I've got one of their regular dial calipers for
myself that I paid about that much for, a couple of years before. I
wouldn't buy Starrett for my use in the shop ... but they are awfully
handy to have at that price-point.

Communications port? I wasn't aware that it had one, but I didn't look
too closely ...


Speaking only for myself....