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Default Low cost readout for digital caliper

I am looking for a LOW COST remote readout (single, not 3 axis) that
can be used with the low cost calipers such as Harbor Freight sells for
$15.99. Don't kid youself if you have not looked at these, they are a
terrific deal! Accurate, precise and well made. They even have a
communication port.

But if you look for a readout for them, you find places like the Little
Machine Shop that have the 3 axis type of readout or someone that
possibly has a kit, but I have not seen a readout that is ready to go
for a decent price. Too bad you can't just buy a second caliper and
wire it to the first just using the readout from the second.

The reason for the remote readout is that I could use it for
applications such as the height reading in a router table or other

By the way, has anyone tried this caliper?

I would like to have someone compare this to the $15.99 caliper. This
caliper would allow me to drill into the jaws for mounting. Try to do
that with the $15.99 caliper and you will see why I see them as one of
the best deals going in measurement tools.