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Old October 21st 20, 04:09 AM posted to rec.woodworking
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Default 4 foot LED "shop" lighting

On Tue, 20 Oct 2020 12:11:59 -0400, Jack wrote:

On 10/19/2020 9:44 PM, Clare Snyder wrote:

If you operate in a locality where government puts enough tax on it
you never recover.

No place in North America comes close to that condition. No place
outside North America that I am aware of either, as in MOST of the
world diesel is lower cost than gasoline (and lower taxed as well)

Diesel in Pgh Pa, which is in North America, costs more than gas. I
just looked on YP and diesel is around $2.85 gal and regular gas is
around $2.50.

As I said previously, fuels are often priced "per therm" - and with
deisel being 15% more energy dense by volume. that would make diesel
$2.87 per gallon to match gasoline so it is still a 2 cent per gallon
"real" advantage.

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Old October 21st 20, 05:21 PM posted to rec.woodworking
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Default 4 foot LED "shop" lighting

J. Clarke writes:
On Tue, 20 Oct 2020 17:26:26 -0500, dpb wrote:

On 10/20/2020 3:48 PM, J. Clarke wrote:

In general diesel pays more tax. In general its 15 cents more per gallon with both state and federal. Where I live that is about the difference in price per gallon at the pump. Factor in the 10-20-30% better efficiency of diesel motors over gasoline motors compared to the extra 7% cost of diesel per gallon (0.15 / 2.30) and you are going to have to drive a lot of miles to make diesel pay for itself. Or really need the extra power of a diesel engine.

You clearly do not live in New England. I have seen $1.00/gallon
difference between diesel and unleaded. Investigate and it's state

What evidence to back up that claim. The rate chart as of Jan this year
shows for:

The sign at the gas station.

There is a gas station on my way to work that sells high-test for $4.00
a gallon. The same premium gas is available at Costco for $2.75 a
gallon, and is around $3.00 gallon at most other gas stations.

One sign at one gas station? Meaningless data.

Total Excise Tax + Fee/Tax for Gasoline and Diesel, respectively to be:

Maine 30.0 31.2
Vermont 30.81 32.0
New Hampshire 23.825 23.825
Massachusetts 24.0 24.0
Connecticut 25.0 46.5 (+8.1% on petroleum tax on gas)
Rhode Island 35.0 35.0

Only Connecticut has any significant difference at all.

Adding the classic whipping boys of NY, NJ

New York 25.45 23.65 +unstated petroleum sales tax
New Joisey 41.4 48.5 unstated petroleum fee

Nothing there to approximate a dollar difference owing to taxes/fees

That's now. When gas is $4 a gallon check again.

In other words, you can't support your assertion.

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Old October 22nd 20, 04:09 AM posted to rec.woodworking
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Default 4 foot LED "shop" lighting

On Monday, October 19, 2020 at 7:20:24 PM UTC-7, wrote:
On Mon, 19 Oct 2020 17:38:37 -0700 (PDT), whit3rd

... the plasma lifetime in fluorescent tubes is known, and their ballasts always deliver AC instead
of DC because of filament sputter erosion. The AC will make LEDs go dark at zero crossings,
because those LED filled tubes (I've dissected some) have only diodes, no energy storage.

Maybe the cheap crap but it's not all cheap Chinese crap. There are
such things as switching power supplies. No zero crossing - current
controlled (i.e. a ballast).

Yes, there ARE such things. Good luck finding them when the consumer literature
describes the fixture without reference to them. This is one investigation...

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