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SeeAll February 2nd 08 06:36 PM

REQ: Watts Bros. (Sheffield) Limited 10" Jointer/ Planer query

I recently purchased a 52ins. x 10ins. jointer/ planer made by Watts Bros. (Sheffield) Ltd. This is substantial cast iron machine, complete, except for the motor. The planer top section is bolted to a lower cast iron base - 34ins. overall height. The infeed (10 3/4ins.) and outfeed (9 3/4ins.) tables enable 5/8ins. rebates to be machined. The motor is mounted on a plate pivoted within the lower cast iron base of the planer, tensioning is applied by the weight of the motor against a coiled spring held by a bolt and wing nut arrangement. The two bladed steel block is 4ins. in diameter driven by a 3 3/4ins. V pulley.
I cannot find any reference to Watts Bros on the internet, I was wondering if you had any background on the company, its livery and their products, any photos would be a bonus? I am refurbishing this machine for my own use so I will need to know the horsepower, rpm of motor and size of pulley required? Any information, no matter how minor, would be gratefully received.

If this is the wrong forum, please advise.


Pat3904 January 14th 21 08:15 PM

REQ: Watts Bros. (Sheffield) Limited 10" Jointer/ Planer query
I have just got one of the same machines to refurb also
I have the motor and pulley size if you still need them?
I require the size and style of the blades and guard if you can help?
Regards pat

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