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I'm trying to keep away of nasty stuff, as much as possible, so
been googling for safe paint strippers. Ran across this:
http://www.care2.com/channels/solutions/home/8?print=1 Sounds pretty
much like what I'm after.

I'm not after "instant" results, willing to wait for an hour or so
for results, if need be. Just looking for something that works, is
non-toxic, and easily (safely) disposable after.

If any of you here have tried this, what were your results - good,
bad, indifferent? Or, do you have an alternative method, that would
give similar results - and what is it, if so?

If it ain't broke - fix it 'til it is.
- Unknown

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Guess who
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On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 22:21:00 -0500, Patriarch


Does this interest you?

Careful with level of quality. You really need something more
industrial than this, ....from the above site:
"Though most soda blasters are large industrial units, one company,
ACE (888-772-3263; www.ace-sandblasting.com) sells a portable rig that
will work with most any compressor big enough to feed an HVLP spray
gun. For $250, it comes ready to use."

If "blasting" with a fine powder, you need a fair driving force so
that it's not just fluff. That source alone can be an investment, and
I don't go for the "most any". When younger I bought a saw that
*would* cut wood, but I cried every time I used it. I'd ask around a
lot more before investing, and it would have to suit the need. You
can cut steel with a water jet. It's a fine balance of expectation
and result. you could strip paint with high frequency sound in the 50s
You still can... [Google ...ultrasonic strip paint.]

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Sun, Sep 18, 2005, 10:21pm (EDT-1)
(Patriarch) who asketh:
Does this interest you?

Only as information. Soda blasting is way too complicated (read
expensive) for hobby/small-time use. Anyway, it's my oldest kid who's
doing the sand blasting. If I needed any rust removal, I'd probably
just get some of the rust conversion stuff, they you spray, or brush on.
If I needed any paint removed, I'd just get some type of paint stripper.

Speaking of a paint stripper. I've been doing more googling. As
strange as it may seem, one of the "safer" paint strippers is lye.
Washing soda (sodium carbonate) is safer than lye, altho not without
it's own hazards. I checked the grocery store today, and they didn't
have anything labeled as washing soda. I check a Arm & Hammer soap box,
and it did list sodium carbonate as a major ingredient. I would have
gotten a box, and tried it out, but I wasn't certain, then, what socium
carbonate is. I'm not sure if it would work, but may get a box, and try
it. If it doesn't strip paint, I can still use it to wash clothes.
Waste not, want not.

I've also been checking google about TSP (trisodium phosphate) and
it's paint stripping ability - which seems to be zero. Which is slightly
strange, as I've heard about using it for paint stripping, for years.

I had planned on stopping by Ace, and/or, the local Sherman
Williams paint store, to see what they've got in the way of paint
strippers. But, got involved in a couple of more essential errands, and
forgot. Maybe tomorrow.

If it ain't broke - fix it 'til it is.
- Unknown

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