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Default Obama Most Admired

On 1/1/2011 7:17 AM, RD Sandman wrote:

You need a better circle of friends...seriously.

The polls tell the Truth...the Truth that Obama's detractors try very
hard to hide.

I can be a harsh critic of politicians of either Party

No, you can't....and the following proves it.

and in my
opinion Obama has done wonders with the heaping pile of crap that Bush
left behind while dealing with the brain dead GOP clown show.

Instead of listening to the Faux News Comedy Circus, try actually
doing some research into where we were economically two years ago
under Bush.

Oh, you mean when the Democrats were in control of both houses of
Congress? Looks to me like huge deficits and an economic collapse.

The damage was already done by the time the Democrats got the majority.
Republicans had their way from 2001 until 2007. They had plenty of time
and a huge majority to implement their trickle down economics and
deregulation policies, which came to fruition in 2008.

If you want to see some sobering reality, try looking into where this
Country was economically two years into the Great Depression when they
did what the Republicans want to do.

Two years ago, the Democrats had held both houses of Congress for two

Meaningless, which you probably know. Maybe not though because that is a
Fox talking point.

Obama has saved you and your family from walking that economic
road...yet...this show has a long way to run yet.

Finally you got part of this right.

We...and I do mean ...ALL OF US...including the brain dead
conservatives...are better off than we were under Bush.

Yep, the Democrats don't hold both houses of Congress. We have a split
and that is good for the country. I don't like it when all three are in
the hands of the same party.

But what do you know about what works best?

The stark reality is that without Government spending to keep the
economy afloat that the conservatives whine about, we all would be far
deeper into a recession..likely Depression 2.0...and you personally
would be suffering far more significantly.

Not really.

Yes, really. Don't pretend that 300 billion in tax cuts, 300 billion in
aid to the states, and 300 billion spent on infrastructure projects
didn't have any beneficial effects on the country. To say it didn't is a

I don't recall any conservative complaining about Bush turning a 100
billion dollar surplus into a 1.3 trillion deficit.

Many did, however. BTW, you are aware, I hope...but fear you are
not...that budget surpluses are only good for that particular year. The
future stuff is simply a projection.

BTW, I hope you do understand that the national debt continued to
increase under Clinton although he did have budget surpluses his last two
years in office.

The real question now is how do we get business to start spending
money so the consumer will spend the Government can back
off on its spending.

Granting billionaries a 858 billion dollar Republican tax cut is not
going to pay that government debt down..

Neither is the $4.4T over the next 10 years the middle class recieved in
that same bill.

Maybe not but you can argue that the middle class actually needs the
money. You can't make that argument for the rich. Why would a
billionaire need some more money? But how about a family of 5 with one
of them out of work? Simple fairness means you give the helping hand to
those who need it not to the strong and rich. Well, you do if you're a
republican. In that case you take from the poor and give it to the rich.

.and history shows that they
do not spend that money to make more jobs.

I look forward to watching the recently elected conservatives now
shouldering the responsibility for turning the economy around.

So do I. They talked the talk, now it is time to walk the walk.

Did you forget the last time they were running things? It was only a few
years ago. Let me remind you. When the republicans were in charge they
created no jobs and they set in motion a financial crisis. They also ran
up a tremendous debt. I may not be a profit but I've seen the
republicans in action. I predict they will be true to form and do the
same things they did last time. Want to bet they don't? My question to
you is how stupid and naive can you be to expect they are going to do
things any different this time? Didn't you just see them running up the
deficit again just to help the rich? You need more proof they have not
changed at all?


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