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Old November 23rd 04, 03:38 PM
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Default Where to find GE motor wiring diagram

wrote in message
I bought an old air compressor that has a 1.5HP electric motor made by
GE. It's an old motor, but it works fine. The motor is designed to
run on either 120V or 240V AC. The problem is that this motor was
wired for 120V. At 120v it consumes 19Amps. So, it trips the breaker
if the tank is partially full, or the weather is cool, and the oil
thick. I want to switch it over to 240V, which requires 9.5Amps
according to the label. I already installed the receptacle for it,
but then discovered this problem.

Inside the motor connection hole.
There are 10 wires in there. They are numbered from 1 to 10. There
is a paper label on the access cover, which (used to) have the
diagram. However, I am barely able to see 1/10th of it. The label is
just faded away. I dont have a clue how to switch it without the

Does anyone know of a website, or place to call or mail to find out
the wiring connections?

The motor is listed as:

GE Tri Clad Capacitor motor
Model# 5KC184AG201C
1725 Rpm

Anyone know how to get the diagram?

PS. I looked on ge.com but they dont seem to have diagrams, at least
not that I can find using their search feature.

Thanks for all help


This is Turtle.

Without the Operator manual or the name plate with wiring diagram on motor your
shot. Try to find the manufactor of the air compressor on the internet or by
toll free call look up of the manufactor and try to get them to send you a
diagram of wiring or look it up on the internet for a operator manual that away.
Tring to blind reverse it is very hard for they have about 10 different ways to
reverse different type motors the G/E has.

If you have a flate bed scanner you can put the motor tag if removiable on the
scanner and scan it. Then reverse the picture to make it look like a blue print
in black. They call this inverting the picture. You can read them sometime by
doing this where you can't read it normally.

I just thought about one here if all else fails. Bring the motor to a motor
repair shop and have them look at the winding and reverse it by knowing how it's
wired up. These fellows that repair these motors would know the reversing
proceedure on all these motor of G/E .


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Old November 23rd 04, 05:27 PM
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Google every number on that motor. You may turn something up.
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Old November 24th 04, 02:31 AM
Joe Bobst
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With a knowledge of how the motor works you may be able to figure it out.
There are likely 4 important windings, 2 for starting and 2 for running. That
makes 8 leads. The other 2 leads may be involved in the capacitor(s). For 120 V
the windings are connected in parallel, for 240 V they are connected in series.
The starting windings will both have the higher resistance and are connected
through a centrifugal switch inside the motor to line. Reversing is usually
done by reversing the connection from line to starting winding. Can't recall
where the caps tie in, maybe someone else can help here. HTH

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Old November 25th 04, 04:13 AM
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maradcliff Does anyone know of a website, or place to call or mail to find
the wiring connections?

Mark, I don't know if it will be helpful, but I have the schematic for an
old 1940's GE Triclad
Type KC, single phase, dual voltage vertical pump motor thats 1-1/2HP, 1720
RPM. I'd be glad to send you a scan
of the schematic page if you want to send me an email at: snewman24 at cox
dot net

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