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barry martin
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Default Telephone Line 1/ 2


Sorry about the delay; strange work schedule plus a bit of socilizing!

K K *We have two telephone lines in our house. Line #1 feeds two phones
K K and both phones work fine. Previously, I took the red, green, black
K K and red wires from each of the two phones, twisted them together and
K ^^^
K That should be yellow - typo?
K K attached them to the corresponding posts in the box outside.
K K *Line #2 feeds four phones and recently I've started having no dial
K K tone on any of the four phones on line #2. (They were hooked up just
K K like the phones on line #1) All I get is a sort of sound like a phon

K K is off the hook and also occasional feedback.
K If you did use a black/red combination may have worked until a phone
K from both lines were used simultaneously. (I'm guessing here.)
K K *I went outside and individually attached the four wires from each of
K K the four phones onto the proper terminals and each time, each phone
K K got a dial tone. Then I twisted the wires from the four phones all
K K together (color-coded, of course), attached them to the proper
K K terminals and I'm right back to no dial tone and the weird sounds
K K mentioned above. What gives?
K Is there a cordless phone and/or answering machine on Line #2? A
K surge on the electric line (the wall outlet - 120v) could do some
K oddball things to the device, and since it is connected to the
K telephone line....
K Though the problem is with Line 2 the error could be in Line 1's
K wiring if Line 2's wiring is connected through. (If you had
K considered a two-line phone in a location this may have been done.)
K As someone else suggested, disconnect either the line feeding a
K telphone jack or disconnect the line cord from the telephone one at a
K time to see if this clears the problem. Disconnecting the line cord
K will test from the disconnect point to the phone, not the in-wall
K wiring, of course.
K Do you have any pets who may have gnawed on the wiring, or a wire
K running under the carpet or throw-rug? The wire could have been worn
K through, causing a problem.
K One test I've used is the "blow test": blow into the mouthpiece and
K should hear a whooshing noise in the earpiece if there is power to the
K telephone. (May or may not work for cordless phones.) If the wire is
K disconnected or shorted you won't hear the sound.
K -
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K ************************************************** **************
K Thanks all for the input. A few clarifications.

You're welcome. I try to teach, not just answer.

K 1--There are 4 phones connected to Line #2 of the outside box.
K 2--3 of the 4 phones are cordless.

Are at least two of them older and "the same"? I vaguely recall a
problem with older cordless phones sometimes being able to capture
each other's signals. Not talking about the multiset ones (one base
with charger, one remote charger, two cordless phones) but for
instance two 49MHz cordless phone sets. (Unplugging the telephone
line cord to the offending base would clear the line if that's what
causing the problem.)

K 3--At the outside box, Line #2 has 4 screw terminals that are
K color-coded red, yellow, black and green.

Standard. Note: red and green are the only two leads normally used.
Some applications used yellow as a ground but think there were five
wires. Black and yellow could be used for a second line, power for
the old Princess phones or buzzers, and some other uses.

Remember, electrons are colour-blind so the colour of the insulator is
for us humans' convenience!

Continued in next message.

* Rain is saved up in cloud banks.
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