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Default el wire rope lighting electroluminescent FLEXIBLE NEON WIRE (KPT SERIES)


Flexible Neon Wire, also called Electroluminescent (EL ) Wire is the
new generation product in global lighting and display industry. Wrapped
by colorful plastic tube on its surface, it appears similar to common
phone wire, emitting light along its entire length but without any heat
radiation. It consumes much lower power, just 50-70% of LED lamp,
20-40%,rope lamp and 1-10% neon light. Funded by China government, it
was developed and put into production by professional Institute of
Chinese Academy of Science, thus opening a new era in lighting and
display field featured with energy saving, environmental protection and
1. Indoor and outdoor Advertisement: written pattern for display
window, door, furniture, wall, ceiling etc.
2. Vehicle decoration: Internal and external car, ship etc.,
instrument, meter or data display.
3. Safety sign and indication: Street, stairway, corridor, doorplate,
exit and outdoor temporary danger zone etc.
4. Toys, arts an crafts, sports items, clothing, electrical appliance,
military equipments etc.

1) Homogeneous light along the entire length with wide range of vivid
color, great and comfortable to be seen especially in darkness for both
human being and animal, also no influence on growth of plants. Its
clear and safe to be observed in distance at night when its been
equipped on car door outline. It also can beauty the city night scene
when applied on tree, grass etc.
2) With characteristic of energy saving, environmental protection as
well as safety, it has low power consumption, applied to voltage from
3V to 220V, also no heat radiation, can save national electric power
sources greatly. As per present suitable application in indoor or
outdoor low building , its able to save 15% darkness decoration
power in cities. And decrease environmental temperature efficiently. It
will not cause any environmental pollution whatever usage or be
abandoned, especially can avoid serious lighting pollution in big
cities. Due to its low working current , it has no harm to human body.
3) Its flexible, can be bent , knotted, cut , stretched, spliced
etc. but lighting effect will not be influenced . Flexibility of EL
wire is similar to common phone wire, folding angle reach more than 15
degree, maximum bending achieve 360 degree, and can be bent or
stretched repeatedly . The length of EL wire is cut according to
customers application but the homogenous lighting effect remain
still the same.
4) it come into continuous lighting length , featured in 360 degree
multi color lighting, be made single color or combination of different
colors on one single wire, animation effect is achieved by circuit
control. It has different shape such as squareness, round, half round,
flat etc. Single luminescence core or more luminescence cores is able
to be combined to improve the brightness. Diameter arrange from 0.7 to
20mm or even bigger.
5) To be fixed on decoration surface with transparent adhesive tape,
glue, clip, thread nail, or plastic card etc. decoration surface
include glass, display window, furniture, window, wall etc. Its easy
to be applied, no need of any professional instruction. Flat EL wire
can also to be sewed on cloth, leather etc.

Diameter: 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0MM
Color: Red, Blue, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Transparent(clear), White
Shape: Round, Square, Flat, Double color, Three-color
Maximum length:100m
Operation Current: 6 mA/m ,
Power 0.4 W/m
Capacitance 4.6nF/M,
Anti pulling ability 1 KG
Brightness: 30-100Cd/m2
Wire working condition: AC 80-150V 50-4000HZ
Optimal wire working condition : AC 110V 1000-2000HZ
Customers usual application
condition:AC220,AC110,DC3V,DC6V,DC12V, DC24V
Environmental temperatu 40 - 60
Average application lifetime: 3000-5000 hrs

As per special requirements, pls. place a order in advance.

Assistant product
1. Waterproof connector Ф1.5X4.0(cm), non Waterproof connector
2.Fastness Plastic adhesive card, size: 2.5X1.5X1.0(cm), white color
3.Glue: Ф1.7X5.0(cm) Qty: 3ml
4.White color plastic fastness tape
5.Power Adaptor (mainly use together with DC driver),
AC110-220V (Input) transfer to DC12V(output)
Weight: 270-300g
6. Multi connectors


1. EL wire are prohibited to be joined with household outlet directly
without inverters connection.

2. Animation mode is achieved by controlling driver circuit

1. EL wire are not allowed to be cut under the electric working
condition, electrode in the cutting joint may have short circuit, keep
the joint sealed and waterproof.

2. Try to avoid EL wire being bent, folded or stretched repeatedly when
during installation.

5. Different length of EL wire should be matched with appropriate
drivers, otherwise drivers would be damaged thus causing danger.

Rough transportation may injure the product, turn off the power
immediately and return it back to suppliers when EL wire been found
Keep corrosive and flammable items away from product application
environment to avoid unexpected danger.
Instructions should be given by professionals during installation.

*Danger would arise, inverter and EL wire would also be damaged if
violating the above warning,

ADD: #139, No. 3740, Huaning Rd., Xinzhuang Ind. Zone., Shanghai,
201108, China
TEL: +86-21-64422503 64896229 64898133 64898135 13311868228
FAX: +86-21-64898169, 68540461
E-MAIL: or
http:// ciomp.diytrade.com

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