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Old May 6th 05, 09:02 PM
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Default Behr Class Action Law Suit

Behr Stain ruined my siding. I have proof. I was a member of a national
class action law suit. We won but my claim was denied.They said I had
no damage I still do and have proof. I filed an appeal but the bear
administrator has had it for 2 months and has not gotten back to me and
probably never will. I have been screwed!
I applied Behr Super Raw Hide stain on my cedar siding on two
houses,within 6 months they started turning black and peeling under the
stain. A year later I heard of a law suit in the state of Washington
just above us here in Oregon. They had just won a lawsuit on the same
issue in Washington. I called them and they told me they were
considering a nationwide class action suit and if I was interested in
joining they would include me. I said sure so they send me a packet to
fill out I had all my receipts photos, empty cans and a sample of my
black siding I sent it back and waited calling them every couple of
months for updates this went on for a couple of years. Finally I got a
letter from a claims administrator telling me we had won the law suit
and soon as they had all the information from all the claimants we
would be reimbursed. I waited a couple of months and called again .
this went on several months. Finally I received a denial letter
claiming I had no damage. Mind you I have documented proof. The letter
stated I could appeal the decision and gave me an address to send the
application for appeal to. I called the attorneys office in Washington
and all of their numbers had been disconnected. I suspected then I was
had. I contacted a private attorney that does my corporate stuff and he
sent a notice of appeal and asked for a response from the independent
claims administrator. He got no response so He sent another registered
letter and still no response. Then he called them and spoke to a
gentleman on the phone who told him he had no such letter and after a
while finally admitted they received it after my attorney told the man
it was signed for. My attorney asked the gentleman for his last name
and he would not give it to him. That was the last contact I had with
him. I could not afford to have my attorney send another letter as it
was costly and they were not responding anyway. I contacted the State
Attorney Generals office and they asked me if the settlement was done
by a court order and I said yes then I was told They could not do
anything about it if it was sent from a court. It was over their
jurisdiction. I have pretty much given up on getting compensated for my
loss it involved siding on two houses. It is a shame the working man
gets treated this way. The Judge Probably got his cut as well as who
knows who paid the administrator and what may have happened to the
original attorneys. I am sure this happens in many such cases They know
the working man cannot afford to fight it. They split the money and
run. If you know anyone who can help me bring this to national
attention or forward this e-mail to someone who cares would you please.
Someone needs to do something about it.

Sincerely: Gary A. Wolfer
33769 Red Bridge Rd.
Albany, Oregon 97322

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Old May 6th 05, 09:34 PM
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Rant snipped

If you know anyone who can help me bring this to national
attention or forward this e-mail to someone who cares would you please.
Someone needs to do something about it.

It had national attention, someone did do something about it.

Problem is, the deadline to file a claim was Sept. 1, 2003. You're a tad
bit late!

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Old May 6th 05, 10:54 PM
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On 6 May 2005 12:02:56 -0700, someone wrote:

... The Judge Probably got his cut as well...

Ya lost me there pal. No evidence of that. You have crossed the line
into paranoid delusion. Actually, the judge seems to have ruled for
the class action Plaintiffs and against Behr, so you are barking up
the wrong tree.

Reply to NG only - this e.mail address goes to a kill file.

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