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N_Cook May 26th 16 02:56 PM

PCB prototyping idea
I was in a craft shop today and one of these was being demonstrated
I got the demonstrator to try it out on 0.05mm thick copper foil. It
worked very well on parallel lines 0.3mm spacing and letters where the
vertical body of letters wer of qwerty were 2mm high and extra
curveyness of the "fun" script cut out and came through perfectly well.
It would have gone smaller I'm sure but that was the minimum she could
go to on her tablet and typeface.
She was so impressed she emailed a pic the engineering department of
that company.
Machine is roller feed of flat sheet. Requires firm , more than stick-it
note, bonding of the foil to a backing or the foil will tear. The cutter
was not new, a few months of about 22 hours a day use, often left
running overnight for multiple outputs, like 3D printer operation.

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