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Default What's The Commission For Investing $1T?

What's the commission for investing $1 Trillion of the Social Security Trust Fund as recommended by the Bush Administration?

$100 Billion? That's quite a windfall, win or lose, for the Italian Mafia in New York City! Hal Daub's idea? Oh, that's right, Nazis don't have ideas, they just follow orders.
************************************************** *******************************************
"Q: Why do Latinos grow mustaches?
A: So they can look like their mothers!" funny man Warren Buffet at Kiewitt Tower, Omaha, Nebraska (to the KONE elevator crew).

Buffet is a billionare comedian, son of a Republican Congressman.


"What are you, Communist," says the arrogant old *******, Senator John Warner of Oregon to the camera as he accuses Americans who don't support Republican agenda and speak out against Nazis.

"What, Senator Warner, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Are You LOSERS (Republicans)?" responds an American Vietcong voice from the Internet.

"Or would you prefer to be called frauds, Senator?" echoes the ENTIRE American public in angry unison. "You are now two time losers."


Contact your local law enforcement agency, your Congressman, or FOP Local 101 Vice President Chris Circo (402-393-6191), email Chief Thomas Warren of the Omaha Police Division or the Omaha, Nebraska Mayors Hotline and DEMAND someone in Omaha intervene.

The late Marlene Stewart was the sister-in-law of Mayor Arden "Jug" Shadbolt of Pender, NE on the Omaha Indian Reservation. Jug is a decorated Korean War Veteran from the US Army. Daub is a two year ROTC jack off who stayed stateside during the Vietnam War. Her widower, Jim Stewart, was an honorably discharged enlisted man in the US Army as well (served between Korea and Vietnam). Jug isn't even aware of what happened to his family

Your efforts can PREVENT the suicide of Officer John Gruidel of the Omaha Police Division who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as he harassed by his fellow officers, abused by the public, the Bush Administration, and forgotten by his own family following the confession of Harold John "Hal" Daub of the Bush Administration to Daub's rape of his mother, Jean Gruidel in 1972.

Jean Gruidel was the Den Mother of Weblows (no pun intended) Pack 214 (The Black Sheep) when she was duped into letting Republican Hal Daub into her home under guise of patriotism. Gruidel was one of at least three women sexually assaulted in their own homes in the same week by Daub. Another victim, Marlene Stewart, was the former Den Mother of Officer Gruidel's Cub Scout pack as well.

Omaha law enforcement, civic leaders, and residents sit idly by as Officer Gruidel indures the ridicule of his fellow officers and blackmail by the Omaha Fire Union for being the victim of assault when a child.

In fact, Jean Gruidel was assaulted TWICE, the second time by Omaha Police officers who were determined to keep her from reporting her assault fearing their own sexual assaults on Omaha children in a similar fashion would be discovered.

The Wall of Blue Silence prevents the Omaha Police Division from bringing their own to justice and Officer Gruidel may very well be commanded by the very officers who once raped his mother.

An officer named Joe Friend took the complaint from Jean Gruidel and Marlene Stewart's son, Trent, seperately that ugly week in US history in Omaha, Nebraska. Joe Friend initiated the cover up of the rapes committed by Hal Daub, then was framed for being the rapist when he passed away in 2004.

But it wasn't Friend that committed these rapes or those of Omaha's children two years prior. That officer is still at large and may still be wearing the Omaha Police Division uniform. The Wall of Blue Silence prevents the officer from being identified as Gruidel remains in a living Hell of PTSD without anyone in authority in Omaha coming to his aid.

Or the aid of any of the victims of Hal Daub or the other rape victims. Jean Gruidel does not even come to her youngest son's aid fearing mentioning the truth of these events will end her son's life.

Jean Gruidel already lost her oldest son to the aftermath of her being assaulted. Tom Gruidel is serving a life+ prison sentence in the Nebraska State Pen for killing a homosexual who propositioned him for sex. Gruidel's mother fled Omaha and now reportedly resides in Florida trying to put the insanity of Omaha's Police Divison and the Republican Party behind her.

But Officer Gruidel isn't so priviledged. He remains on duty at the Omaha Police Division suffering in silence as the truth of the events of 1972 are coming to the light of day in America.

Law enforcement officers have the highest rate of suicide of any profession without their having to work for the men who raped their mother. Officer Gruidel's potential for suicide is even greater than the average officer.

Prevent the suicide of Officer John Gruidel and DEMAND a thorough and transparent investigation of the rapes committed in Omaha, Nebraska, in the early 1970s by Daub and the Omaha Police Division.

Don't let Officer Gruidel suffer in silence until he takes his own life. DEMAND a formal and transparent investigation of the Republican who now lives confortably as a respected member of society while Officer Gruidel and his family along with the other victims suffer through not just what happened to them in Omaha in the early 1970s, but suffer from the apathy of Omaha, Nebraska, and America.

You can literally help save the life of a veteran law enforcement officer.

Support the Save Grundy Initiative* and be a hero.

Save Grundy!
Save Grundy!
Save Grundy!


"It's only rape and the poisoning of children," the previous Senate of the United States regarding Harold John "Hal" Daub prior to their confirming the monster to the Social Security Advisory Board on the Bush Administration.

They will deny it to this day, but every one of them with an email address along with the FBI were notified prior to Daub's confirmation following his nomination the Republiscum was a violent sexual predator and fraud.

No one bothered even to investigate the allegations, as usual, despite their being provided the names of victims Jean Gruidel, Jenny May, Marlene Stewart, their children, and Daub's pannicked flight from Trent Stewart at the Sons of Italy Hall in Omaha.

"It's ONLY rape and poisoning of children."

I have copies of every email sent to these "leaders" prior to Daub's confirmation, sent via encrypted email from the email address

Perhaps they have forgotten the code name given the informant who took down the Nixon Administration after notifying the Washington Post about the Watergate breakins and wiretapping?

The US Senate confirmed Daub via voice vote and the ays and nays from each Senator were not available as a matter of Internet Public Record.

It appears from the vote counting, they voted straight down party lines.

More Republican values from the Party of Fraud and Failure in the United States.

With leadership like that, it is no wonder America is losing another war.

You would be frightened, too, if for the last ten years you were electronically eavesdropping on your neighbors and reporting them to authorities while also using the information for personal financial gain.

It is currently not known how many competative bidding contracts were rigged thanks to Rosmarin, a former Vice President of a contracting firm, discovering the bids of his competitors by secretly spying on their cell phone calls and using the information so his "associates" could bid just a little bit lower and win the contract.

Not to mention his adult daughter who once lived with him was stealing mail, committing burglarly, etc. based on the information her daddy was developing from his criminal eavesdropping operation.

Now they are known for what they really are, CRIMINALS! And like most Middle Class criminals, they claim to be victims.

Omaha Police Officer John Gruidel must be waiting for a promotion before he comments on the man who raped his mother. He has the example of the Friend family of Omaha and Captain Chris May of the Omaha Fire Division to draw from.

Meanwhile, women and children could be getting raped and poisoned by these Republiscum predators or the next generation of "leaders" and "heroes" in Omaha.

A "hero" named Joe Friend bilked an estimated $25 million from the city of Omaha by having nearly ten members of his family installed as officers of rank in the Omaha Police Division.

Joe Friend interviewed seven year old Trent Stewart in 1972 at the boy's home following the assault on Marlene Stewart and little Trent.

Friend then began the most horific cover up in US government history.

The $25 million may be more like $100 million, whatever the sallary with benefits is for life plus retirement for ten police officers with rank ranging from Leuitenant to Deputy Police Chief.

The Omaha Fire Division did the same, with "heroes" from several families.

This blackmail and bilking of the tax payers while ignoring the victims of rape including children in Omaha continues to this day.

"I have no comment at this time," Omaha Police Division Officer John Gruidel regarding the rape of his mother by Harold John "Hal" Daub of the Bush Administration and her second rape by members of the Omaha Police Division itself to keep her quiet.

"My mother WAS violently raped by Hal Daub and it WAS arranged by Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and covered up by Monseignor Ulrich. SHE told the mob it was Trent Stewart who was raped at age 7 because she feared being called a slut by my Dad," Captain Chris May of the Omaha Fire Division.

May received a promotion to Captain (equivilent to a million dollars) immediately following Hal Daub's flight from Trent Stewart at the Sons of Italy Hall in Omaha. Daub confessed to being a serial rapist.

Jenny May's husband, Chuck, received a job at the Omaha Fire Division along with his brother shortly after Daub's week of rape in Omaha.

Jenny May fingered the Stewart family for the victims despite Trent Stewart successfully defending his mother from rape by Daub.

Her sons were "heroes" in fire fighting. And her sons were cocksuckers like the entire OFD. But that's not the story the May family repeatedly told the world at every opportunity.

They still that story to everyone BUT the police and FBI. It is Trent Stewart's life which was destroyed by Daub. The May family became the favorite sons of the Omaha Fire Division and Local 385 who used the rapes to blackmail Daub, the city of Omaha, and the police at every opportunity for the last forty years.

Captain Bill Jenkins, Omaha Fire Division retired, allegedly asked one of the rapists for a small favor back in the 1980s. His son allegedly killed a pedestrian in a DUI hit and run and needed "professional" help in cleaning up the mess.

The police officer serial rapist whose name is still not known, the man who worked with Dropisnky in the rape of Dr. Paul Krause in his mother's home, was told to get rid of the body lying in the middle of Dahlman Avenue in Omaha outside JD's Circle Inn.

The rapist complied with the demand from his blackmailers. But the bumbling idiot was witnessed removing the body and witness elimination then began.

Jenkins, Jr., then fled to Texas. Jenkins, Sr. remained on the Omaha Fire Division and retired where he lived comfortably until the McDonnell Klan of Local 385 and their eavesdropping operations were discovered in Omaha. Jenkins then immediately fled to the Ozarks to live in one of his homes. Most "heroes" of the Omaha Fire Division have more than one home.

No charges have ever been filed against Jenkins and the FBI is so deeply involved with the OFD they are scared to death of any of this coming to light.

It's like Boston's Irish Mob and Whitey Bulger with a civil servant twist.

The cover up is so large and pervasive, it has engulfed the entire Nebraska GOP, all of Omaha government, and now Washington, DC, and the Bush Administration.

The Social Security Advisory Board recommended to George W. Bush after Daub was appointed to the Bush Administration to hand over the entire Social Security Trust Fund to the Mafia in New York for investment on Wall Street.


"I did not have sex with that woman," Bill Clinton referring to the blowjob the fifty plus year old pervert received from nineteen year old Monica "Kim" Dubinsky. Clinton then allegedly added, "because sex hurts your butt!"

"I did not rape those women," Bush Administration Republican flunky Harold John "Hal" Daub claimed referring to the violent forced fellatio he received or attempted to receive from Catholic mothers of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Omaha, Nebraska in 1972. Daub then brazenly laughed and exclaimed, "Because blowjobs aren't sex!"


"I did not poison those children," Harold John "Hal" Daub, referring to forced heroin poisoning of Omaha's Catholic children he is not yet formally accused of committing.

Daub is guilty as sin. I know, it was I he poisoned at age seven in Omaha.

It was the SECOND time I was poisoned with heroin in Omaha by that time in my short life.

The first occurred two years earlier when a former Nazi from Germany working with two Omaha police officers, also fanatics and wannabe Nazis, gave me enough heroin to cause an overdose.

I collapsed in broad daylight in a residential neighborhood in Omaha one hundred yards from the home of the Nazi seeking to rebuild the Third Reich in Omaha.

No rescue or assistance was offered to me, a five year old boy lying unconscience on a city sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. Neighbors were too frightened or apathetic to care of a dying child was in their neighborhood even though the dying child was their neighbor's kid.

I did not die and regained concsciousness hours later managing to crawl home despite being deathly ill.

Calling that monster, Eleanor Krause, a "former" Nazi is not quite accurate. To this day she believes she has rebuilt the Third Reich from all the children she poisoned in Omaha and had raped by police now that they are adults.

She is still bent on the extermination of all Jewish men, women, and children. This time in America.

The Omaha Police Division Nazis REFUSE to investigate the allegations because two of their own are involved.

The Nazi is still alive and well, putting two of her children through medical school at Creighton University. They were not subjected to the treatment I and possibly many others received at the hands of their mother.

She regards them as being of pure Aryan Blood and above all this.

I am not German.


"I was NEVER in Omaha, Nebraska, let alone at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish!" Serial Rapist Hal Daub of the Bush Administration.

What a genius.


Daub failed to respond when questioned about his drug history, pretending to be humble and repentive like former cocaine user and current US President, George W. Bush. Daub's drug use was actually the OLL 2nd Grade Class' drug use, forcing the physically addicting narcotic, heroin, on the children of the women he raped. All were happily married Catholic mothers.

Daub and his henchmen then spent their entire adult lives spending the tax payer's dollar to keep these crimes secret and known only to a select few immoral and reprehensible enough to sign on to RAPE!

These horrendous crimes got Hal Daub elected to Congress.

Nebraska family values, apparently.

It sure as Hell didn't get him brought to justice in no small part to the cover up by Omaha law enforcement led by Joe Friend and his "hero" family of criminals in law enforcement.

The May family and IAFF Local 385 built entire careers in fire fighting in Omaha in exchange for keeping Daub's rape of Jenny May quiet. Local 385 and the Friend family also kept the former victims of Daub's not in civil service down for their entire lives. That included the children Daub & Company raped in 1972.

They weren't about to lose their cash cow by having Daub brought to justice. Nebraska Republiscum weren't about to have the facts known, either. Until a righteous ******* named Chuck Hagel rose to power.

Probably the first Republican in America not a career criminal.

The ONLY politician, Republican or Democrat, with the balls and compassion to step in and intervene.


The best example yet of Republican genius and values.

For over four years the President of the United States, George W. Bush, has been hearing reports that a member of his Presidential Administration from Nebraska, former US Congressman Harold John "Hal" Daub, is a serial rapist.


Unable to get the truth from the FBI who botched the background investigation of Daub prior to his US Senate Confirmation following his nomination to the Bush Administration, Bush relied on his Texas grit and self determination to determine if the Republiscum from Nebraska was a serial rapist who slipped through the cracks of justice to rise to power in America.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hal_Daub Captain Cocksucker (Ft. Bragg, NC)

He flew to Omaha several times, disguised the trips as something else, spoke with two other serial rapists of children in Omaha's police department, sent letters to the ONLY former victim of Daub's who couldn't be bribed or bought with a city sallaried "hero" position, and avoided confronting Daub directly on the issue.

Daub fled his former victim publicly in Omaha's Sons of Italy Hall during a lunchtime handshaking while campaigning for reelection in front of hundreds of lunchtime diners and Italian faithful. The former victim was not an Italian.

Daub then moved from his million dollar home in Omaha to an upscale condo when the former victim began casing the neighborhood where Daub resided in an effort to notify Daub's neighbors their children were in danger as were the women with a violent sexual predator in the neighborhood. A violent sexual predator named Hal Daub. A man who raped the mother of a law enforcement officer, the mother of a fire fighter, and the mother of the man who was now out to bring him to justice, Mr. Trent James Stewart of Omaha.


So how does a Republiscum handle a potential rapist in his Presidential Administration? He surely doesn't go public and disgrace his gang of federal numbskulls and fellow Republiscum, even if the rapist is still at large. He keeps the rapist under constant surveillance at the tax payer's expense and cons him into a new job in Virginia, close to DC.

He slowly and quietly weeds out Daub from his Administration replacing him as Chairman of the Social Security Advisory Board while not letting the moronic serial rapist of mothers and children in Omaha know he is being weeded out.

Then the President obstructs a criminal investigation into the crime in Omaha and avoids all contact or question on the matter from his Administration internally.


But what the Idiot Cavante from Harvard in the White House didn't count on was the determination of the victim, Trent James Stewart. The man's entire life was destroyed by Daub in the cover up of he and his mother's being assaulted and his being poisoned by Daub with heroin at age 7.

Now Chuck Hagel, a prominent Bush critic has signed on to "Sink the USS Daub" and US Attorney General Gonzales as well as Nebraska Attorney General Bruning have been notified of Daub's crimes.


Where did that lead? Hagel contacted Mr. Stewart and the former US Army veteran from Vietnam and a handful of Vietnam Era veterans and law officers are now building a criminal case against Daub who lied under oath to get confirmed to his post on the Bush Administration. But this is ALSO being conducted in secret.

Meanwhile Nebraska's Attorney General has done what ALL Republiscum have done when they realize they have excellent blackmail material with the Daub rapes. They enhance their careers while making the rape victims victims again and again in denying them justice.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Bruning Aryan SS

Bruning has announced he wants to be the Republican representative from Nebraska in the US Senate. He claims he is a strong supporter of Bush and his policies while criticizing Republican Chuck Hagel.

That's Nebraska. A wild west outpost in the 21st Century where rapists prosper and outlaws are called on to bring rapists to justice. But the Omaha Police Division can get you all the heroin you desire!!!

http://www.opd.ci.omaha.ne.us/ Keystone Cops

And Hal Daub? He's not about to sue the man who has been posting his crimes on the Internet for years. Although the rest of America believes it all to be Internet BS, it's all true.

Daub is an attorney, after all, and he knows filing suit for slandering his good name will do nothing more than prove everything being said about him is true, not slander.

When George W. Bush panics and finally asks the vile serial rapist from Nebraska and heroin poisoner of children, "Are you a rapist?" all that education of his will produce will be, "I've made some mistakes!"

Mistakes like raping the mothers of the grade school children at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Omaha, Nebraska, USA in 1972.

*Jim Dropinsky, Chairman
"Do it for Grundy. A Cocksucker Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!"
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