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Default Electric Meter Re-location

ianw wrote:
I am looking to relocate our electricity meter to an exterior box and
have a sub-main run to the fusebox.
Does this work have to be done by the utility company or can an
electrician do it?
I imagine both will have to be involved meaning maximum expense for me!

I wanted mine moved and trying to find the correct company to do it took
2 hours on the phone and in the end nobody would do it as the move was
only a matter of inches it wasn't a big enough job for the electricity
board but to big for powergens contractors (couldn't even pay anybody).
Gave up in the end and will find a sparky to do it. Apparently the only
come back is if your power supplier finds out and decides to prosecute.
But as they can't answer the phone I don't they will come and have a look.