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Default Electric Meter Re-location

In article , Lobster
ianw wrote:

I am looking to relocate our electricity meter to an exterior box and
have a sub-main run to the fusebox.
Does this work have to be done by the utility company or can an
electrician do it?
I imagine both will have to be involved meaning maximum expense for me!

That'll be an electricco job. I would have thought they'd do the whole
task though, unless your fusebox (consumer unit) is an exceptionally
long way from the proposed exterior box. They'll stipulate their
requirements; eg you might need to get any building-type work done

I remember someone reporting having this done outside the electrico loop
in the past. I raised an eyebrow at the time but it made sense as it was
explained that during building works a meter might have to move
temporarily then be moved back. IIRC the sequence was for the contractor
to send a notification of works to the supply company then wait 2 weeks
for screams from them, then carry out the works and re-notify the supply
company that they can reseal the meter. In this instance the temporary
move of the meter for building works just happens to occur on the same
day as the move to the new meter box ;-).

A google might find the article concerned, probably from a couple of years