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I just picked up a Powermatic model 90 that was in good shape. It
needed to have the transformer, motor, and coil rewired for 220v 3
phase which I did today. It had a live center stuck in the tailstock
and I got that out today also. Also, the handwheel on the tailstock was
gone but the stub was still there with the key way and woodruff key.
Off to the lathe and I had a new handwheel in about an hour.

Now comes the problem. My old chuck will not fit the 1 1/2-8 spindle
thread. I have checked all of the chucks offered such as the Supernova
and the Oneway's and it looks like the only one that offers an adapter
is Oneway on their Stronghold Chuck.

Anybody have any suggestions on another chuck that will fit this lathe?

Thanks, Steve

Look at Vicmarc if you don't want a Oneway. However, I have 2 Oneway
Strongholds which are great chucks.