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Ralph Mowery
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Default Are these solder joints bad?

"Van Chocstraw" wrote in message
I'm attempting to locate a problem on my Dell D1025TM UltraScan
(Trinitron) monitor. I posted about it a week and a half ago. I got
the D board out and am checking for bad solder joints.

I'm not sure if these should be re-soldered or not. If so, what's the
best way to get the crud off the pads and surrounding areas? Will
acetone do it?

Is the residue rosin that has seeped out of the solder itself as a
result of thermal cycling over a period of years? I notice that all of
these solder joints are for components that get hot while the monitor is


I realize there may be other cold solder joints that don't appear to
have anything wrong with them at first glance, unlike these, but these
got my attention first. I realize these may not be "cold" at all.

The rosin will not seep out of the solder later on. It does look like the
joints got hot and sort of melted and burnt. This hapens when the design is
slightly wrong and the components get the joint too hot over the years. Try
to clean off the solder and put on some new solder. You may have to scrape
the leads and pads to get them clean enough.