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SidKnee wrote:
I am looking for a toilet with a built-in bidet type outlet for washing ones
backside afterwards. I have heard to the Geberit but that has too many
functions - I just want something simple.

Has anyone heard of these?


This reminded me of the first time I came across one of these, in a
Tokyo Hotel. Here's a cautionary tail.
I was fascinated by this gadget lurking under the loo seat so decided to
stand with one foot on either side of the seat so I could see whatever
was going to happen and pressed some buttons on the (impressive) control
panel. After a few hums and buzzes a nozzle slowly appeared from the
back of the seat and stopped in what would I suppose have been the
relevant position and then a surprisingly powerful jet of water appeared
out of it. Now, remember that I am stood on the loo seat with the
bathroom door open. The jet of water was powerful enough to arc through
the air, out of the bathroom and soak the top part of the bed in the
time that it took me to bend down and press buttons at random until it
stopped. If I'd been sat on it I think the jet might have been powerful
enough to come out of my mouth!
Once I'd stopped cursing and laughing I cautiously experimented and
found that various buttons either made the nozzle oscillate, or varied
the pressure or varied the temperature.
Make sure you opt for a simple one with instructions in English :-)