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"rh455" wrote in message

I recently bought a Coleman Powermate Genny. It's 7000 watts, 8750
surge. While I'd love to backfeed my main panel for convience reasons,
I do realize it's illegal and unsafe. I'm considering a double pole 200
amp cutoff switch before the meter. (The main line is buried, comes up
to the meter and exits behind the meter to the main panel inside the
house). The main panel is a Cutler-Hammer 200 amp box. I don't see
where an interlock switch(at the main breaker) is available for my box.
Would a double pole cutoff switch make it safe to backfeed? I have a
120/240 30amp plug on the genny and already have an existing 50amp
socket on the wall for my compressor. Can I backfeed the 30amp line
thru the 50amp socket?
If backfeeding can't be accomplished, I'd consider a manual transfer
switch if I could find the right switch for my application. Most are up
to 7500 watts but I don't know if that will be enough with the surge
capability of my genny.

CH and others offer panels that will do the job for you. Home Depot used to
sell them.
I am unaware of a CH made switch to tie the main and your genny feed
breaker together. Not that they do not make one now I just have never seen

I know what double pole switch is, and that will not solve the problem for
A double pole double throw switch MIGHT. Depending on the installation. I
suggest you consider a 3 pole and not tie the neutrals from the utility and
the genny together.

Back feeding in any form is not a good idea. I doubt strongly that your 50
amp outlet is set up for 4 wires. IF it is 4 wire then...................

All you need is a 60 amp switch. 8750 divided by 240 is 36+ amps.

Best bet is call a pro in your area and have them inspect the situation and
give you pointers on what exactly needs to be done per your local codes and