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Raj Das
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Default Sony GDM-F520 - Brightness / clarity issue

Hi all,

I don't have much experience with regards to computer monitor repair etc,
and I was hoping somebody could help me.

I have a Sony GDM-F520 monitor that has been functioning fantastically for
approximately 2 years. I am now in my 3rd year, and when I first turn the
monitor on, the brightness is extremely high and the display is hazy /

When I first received the monitor, I had the brightness set to 48, and
contrast to 100 for a clean picture with black being black. I now must set
the monitor to 25 brightness for the same effect.

Over time the haziness seems to slowly become crisper (as the monitor warms
up) however, the brightness issue does not get any better.

Is the monitor dying? It was quite expensive, and I expected a longer life
than 3 years.

Thank you, Raj.