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Dave in Fairfax
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s wrote:
this is the wreck. it's also usenet. so nobody has authority to tell
you that you can't. you have to decide for yourself.
if you do, you'll be accused of spamming. thing is, the wreck runs a
big 'ol double standard about spamming... as long as your stuff is
truly cool and you don't act like an ass you'll probably be welcomed
with open arms.
'sides, spam or not, it's on topic....

It's true that there aren't any LAWS about what can and can't be done,
but there are conventions. The wRECk runs on the same conventions that
Badger Pond used to. ACTIVE posters can run an ad once a month or so.
Fly-by posters of ads aren't welcome to do the same. Ads that lead back
to places like Rocklers generally aren't accepted because MS Rockler
doesn't show up here, the company just specializes in links from a lot
of site, like Amazon does. Lee Valley IS accepted because Robin posts
here very regularly and doesn't fill the web with redirects.
Hope that helpls,
Dave in Fairfax
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