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Many steamtrains are now ran on air due to boiler code worrys by


CFR (Call for Reference) on the above. as I believe it to be
Bull****..... the only Steampowered Trains still in existance,
and in commercial service are in third and fouth world countries,
and mostly run on diesel fired boilers. Turning big air compressors
with diesel engines is a very wastefull way to move Railroad Rolling


They don't always have a IC engine on board for the compressor...
Some recompress themselves with exhaust air,then heat the air recovered in
the boiler.

Many mine trains also run on air since sparks can be deadly in the right
They usually are either diesel air or stored air trains.

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You really don't know a lot about mechanical engineering, do you.....

then heat the air recovered in the boiler. Would this be in the

boilers that "due to boiler code worrys by insurance companies" you
state they don't use anymore????

Actually here in the USA most of the Mine Trains are electric with
Induction motors, and Solidstate FreqDrives that have no brushes or
Sparkpoints that aren't covered by Flame Supperssion Barriers....
Flame Suppresion Technology has been in our mines since the 1920's
when they were mostly electrified. A few are diesel-electric, and a
few more Propane-electric, but being a retired Powderman, I has some
small experience in the Industry, and have NEVER seen an Air Powered
Mine Donkey. Basic Menchanical Engineering Thermaldynamics should be
enough to convince anyone, that Stored Air Trains would be a Collasally
Inefficent way to power a mine donkey, and if it were even in the same
Order of Magnitude, all that conversion loss, would be a deal killer,

Me CFR really means not your opinion, but someone elses actall
Reseached Facts..............