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On 20 Jun 2005 09:35:03 -0500, Mike Sampieri

Hello -

I have a new 23" CRT computer monitor, which degausses itself when turned
I also have a color laser printer right next to the monitor - about 8

Since this monitor is so large, hence the degaussing coil is so "strong",
can the EMF field damage the printer circuitry? Or a computer?

If so, what's a good distance to keep away from the monitor, for electronic
devices and printers? 1 foot? 2 feet?

Thanks for any advice!


I don't think so.

Interference is related to the intensity of the signal and the
sensitivity of the equipment that can be affected.

Once I designed some audio/digital equipment that was installed about
10" above a High Voltage(3000Volts) 10 KW power transformer. It worked
OK because I have eliminated all signal transformers from my board.

I wouldn't store floppies or cassette tapes on top of the monitor