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Mary Fisher
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"Andy Dingley" wrote in message
On Fri, 03 Jun 2005 08:49:03 GMT, (s--p--o--n--i--x)

Whatevery you do I'd be inclined to try it out on a hens egg first. If
it doesn't work on a hens egg it won't work on an ostrich egg..

Hens eggs are very hard to cut (unless you use one from something like
Mary's hens).


They're just too thin-shelled and fragile.

I've never tried cutting them. Hmm, perhaps I'll try.

I'm sure that any hen's eggshell is much thinner than an ostrich's. I've
noticed that small wild bird's eggs are thinner shelled than those from out
banties and certainly our daughter'sduck eggshells are much tougher.

The turkey eggs we used to get were incredibly difficult to break but I
think that was because of the very tough membrane inside.