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Boris Beizer
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"Grant Erwin" wrote in message
The tool is self-twisting, i.e. when you push it
into the work it twists. The only lettering says "YANKEE".

Yu-up. It's a "Yankee-Handyman" screwdriver, sonny boy! If you have it
working right, there's a little slide gizmo. Slide it to one side it goes
clockwise, to the other side, counter-clockwise, and in the middle, it's a
regular screwdriver. I was delighted to get a repairable one a few month's
ago for about 25cents. Contrary to what some may believe, it is definitely
not obsolete. When you have some delicate stuff to do, such as putting a
screw through a glass mirror, I find that the Yankee is the tool of choice.
Much better feel than setting the clutch on my Makita. I've got the middle
size and will be on the lookout for the smallest and the largest. I like
the Yankee so much that I've adapted other shanked bits to its use.



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