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"Mike Saunders" wrote in message
I woild like to know from anyone who has laid a gravel grive suitable
for light traffic. I already have a sound crushed limestone base. What
I need to know is

Advice on depth and type of material to use advantages/disavantages etc

Should I put some of that special fabric over the base to stop weeds
etc. Some are already growing in the base due to contamination Does
this affect the depth of the gravel? (Moves around more?)

Drainage. Mostly on a slight slope but there is one area that is lower
where puddles can form after heavy rain

Maintainance. Mud on tyres, fallen leaves etc. Does the gravel need
replenising every few years etc

Anything else I have missed

Many thanks in advance


Part of my drive was gravelled by the previous owners. The car got bogged
down in it, it was like walking up a pebble dune on a beach ... tough going!
Plus it was the public loo for the local feline population!
Soon after moving in I had that area block paved .... so much easier to
drive, walk and no poo!
Anyone ever asks me about a gravel drive ... I'd say never!