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On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:04:09 +0100, The Natural Philosopher

Mike Saunders wrote:
I woild like to know from anyone who has laid a gravel grive suitable
for light traffic. I already have a sound crushed limestone base. What
I need to know is

Advice on depth and type of material to use advantages/disavantages etc

about 3"

Should I put some of that special fabric over the base to stop weeds
etc. Some are already growing in the base due to contamination Does
this affect the depth of the gravel? (Moves around more?)

Gravel is a cheap quick way of providing a drive, it is also not too
permanent if you want to change your mind later.

Have a good look at different sizes of gravel , on the first area I
did the size was far too big. !

If you can get a lorry load and keep some excess for topping up later
all the better.

Think how you are going to contain it at the edges.

It does need raking occasionally to keep it looking its best tho'.

royall at which net