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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
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"william_b_noble" wrote in message
news:[email protected] eranews...
ok, I'm totally baffled - go to and click on "mysteries" -
look at the first two items (those are the metal related items) and see if
you recognize these things. The first one was a swap meet purchase - the
vendor had no clue and neither do I, the second was an e-bay purchase that
was advertised as a "height gauge" - it clearly isn't that (and I know

when I bought it), but what do you think it really is?

It looks like a paint film thickness gauge. A sample of paint is placed on
a smooth test surface, and "squeegeed" out to a known wet thickness. After
the paint drys, the resulting film is mic'd for thickness, and a figure of
merit of solids content is created from the ratio of wet to dry thicknesses.